Think Faces

Project Details

Date 2012 Tech .NET, MSSQL Site Design Stride

Development of a job board app for a Liverpool PR company.

The client required an application to enable members to apply for a variety of events, promotions and hospitality jobs. The client needed to be able to post and allocate jobs, send alerts to members and receive online applications.

Example of a job board seen by a user.

I built this application back when I was using .NET 3.5 as my primary development framework. I designed and implemented a relational database together with form based tools to provide the client with a set of bespoke features that could be fully managed in-house.

Member information could be reviewed and managed from an admin area.

I used the membership schema that came as part of the .NET framework as a starting point, as this enabled basic management of users and roles, and then expanded this to create extra tables for data that Think Faces required for user profiles, jobs and tracking work history.

Uploading jobs was made as streamlined as possible.

The site grouped members based on the types of job they were best suited for. This enabled new jobs being uploaded to the board to be tagged so alerts were sent to the most appropriate users, and prevented job boards becoming cluttered.

Users could login and make basic changes to their profile, view currently available jobs and click to register their interest. The client was able to manage jobs and track the applications via a CMS section of the site. When applicants were approved they received an email notification, and a message was displayed on their job board.

Applications to ‘become a Face’ were completed through a multistep form. Once submitted an alert was sent to the client who could review and approve the applicant to become a member, allocating them an appropriate colour band.