Project Details

Date 2015 Tech .NET, MSSQL Site Design Think PR

Rail fare savings calculator.

For this project I created a savings calculator widget that was embedded into the Merseyrail website. It compared the current spend entered by the user against possible fares and offers for the journey specified.

The calculator took the calculated saving and presented the user with something they could be spending that money on instead. The goal was to potentially persuade those not using the train that it might be better value than their current transport method, but also to help suggest the best possible ticket options to existing customers.

Depending on the savings made, there were a range of possible results pages.

Merseyrail provided a spreadsheet of fare data for the tickets available. I converted this into a database table and wrote the logic required to retrieve possible tickets and compare the prices.

A simple contact form was created for scenarios when the calculator could not beat the spend entered.

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