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Date 2017 Tech WordPress, Foundation Site Design Stride

Custom WordPress theme and CMS tools implemented for a professional services training firm.

This website was created as part of a full branding project. We developed a highly customised WordPress theme to fully implement the new brand aesthetics, and to provide the client with a set of comprehensive publishing tools for a range of content.

The Openside home page has had several iterations, and now includes a featured background header video.

The client had previously used WordPress, so setting up an import strategy was the starting point for this project. I imported and cleaned up the existing content, retaining all media items. We were adding some new features to posts that would be published to the new site, but wanted a seamless transition from the older to content to the new articles.

Posts are added to key categories that can be filtered. For this effect I integrated the excellent MixItUp library into the theme.

Posts can be filtered to enable users to find the most relevant content to them.

There is a range of content types published on the site. In order to organise this content and make a user friendly experience for the client, I created custom post types for each.

There were multiple points in the website that needed to feature the latest posts. We created a template part that could be included across multiple page templates which generated a carousel of recent posts.

Using a similar method to display them, I also created an easy way for the client to enable and select related content for a specific post. There were also many other custom CMS features, such as being able to hide posts from the main loop, particularly useful to cut down on repetition when multi-part features were spread across posts.

We used some simple animations to help bring life to information heavy pages.

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